What we believe

WE BELIEVE - the Scriptures are inspired by God, declare his design, and plan for mankind.


WE BELIEVE - there is only one true God, revealed in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

(Commonly known as the Trinity).


WE BELIEVE - in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. As God's Son, Jesus, was both human and divine.


WE BELIEVE - every person can have restored fellowship with God through 'salvation' 

(Accepting Christ's offer of forgiveness for sin).


WE BELIEVE - after salvation, believers should live in a godly manner dedicated unto God for his special purposes.


WE BELIEVE - the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience following salvation that empowers believers for witnessing and effective service.  The initial physical evidence is speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance.


WE BELIEVE - the church has a mission to fulfill in evangelizing the world with the "Gospel" of Jesus Christ.


WE BELIEVE - divine healing of the sick is a privilege for Christians today and is provided for in Christ's atonement (His sacrificial death on the cross for our sins).


WE BELIEVE - the "Gospel" story is not over.  Jesus Christ is coming back to call his church to heaven and to judge an unbelieving world.


Our mission is to reach every lost soul as Jesus commands in Mark 15:16... "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature".  We will preach the unadulterated Word of God to this generation and then teach the Word of God so that every believer may walk in the light of his Word.